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Chicago Commemorates Veterans Day with a Public Ceremony at Soldier Field. 

Daley with Patriot Guard
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After Action Report

CPAC 2008

 Attending the 2008 CPAC was my excellent opportunity to collect more Post Cards of Support for our brave men and women of the United States Military.  It is heartwarming to find so many Patriots in one location, who appreciate and sincerely revere our Soldiers and their service!  These folks always have time to write a Post Card to a Soldier! That says so much about the folks who attend the Conservative Political Action Conference! I attended my first CPAC last year where I began my search for support for my Son and his Brothers serving in this war on terrorism.  The overwhelming support I found at CPAC led me on my year long quest to continue collecting these Post Cards, resulting in 13 Volumes of Post Cards For Soldiers!  This year, with the help of Capt. Larry Bailey, Chairman of The Gathering of Eagles, and Gold Star Mother Merrilee Carlson, President of Families United For Our Troops and Their Mission, we collected so very many Post Cards of love, respect and appreciation for our brave and noble Heroes!  These heartfelt salutations for our Soldiers will result in Volume 14 CPAC 2008 Post Cards For Soldiers. 

 Attending the CPAC is exciting and reassuring to this mother.  It is wonderful to see so many young Americans involved in the politics of their country.  They all look so professional and every single one of these fine young Americans are polite, respectful and very concerned about the future of their country.  Along with collecting my Post Cards for our Soldiers, I was able to pass out brochures for the Gathering of Eagles, an organization whose "boots are on the ground" relentlessly and tirelessly in defense of my Son and all of our Soldiers ( Join these great Americans and open up your wallet to there efforts in fighting the insurgency here at home!   

 I was happy to see Cam Edwards of NRA News, who, along with Ginny Simone, so encouraged me last year with my Post Cards For Soldiers. Cam and Ginny have given me air time through the year on their great radio show,, and I am extremely grateful.   I met and was especially impressed with Jeff Beatty (, a former Delta Force operator who is running against John Kerry, the man who has caused much heartache to our Soldiers and Veterans. I wish Jeff success in his campaign and if I lived in Massachusetts, he would have my vote!  I also met a great group of Veterans running for Congress and you can check out there website at www.iraqveteransforcongress.  These are folks who have served their country and choose to continue in this noble service.   Please check out these websites and, if you can,  make a donation.

 As the mother of a Soldier, I ask folks to remember two things when they cast their precious vote in the Presidential election in November.  This war on terror will not stop if we cut and run out of Iraq .  Please rem ember when you go into that voting booth that the safety of this nation rests with each one of us and our vote.  Our country has been safe and sound since 9/11, thanks to the bravery and sacrifice of the fine men and women of the United States Military.  When you cast your vote, please do not forget the evil promise by the butcher terrorists:  “Death To America !” 

Your vote can ensure the continued safety of this great country, or it can endanger all of us and surely embolden the terrorists!  Senator McCain understands the evil we will face right here at home, if we cut and run.  Please support our Country, our Soldiers and “liberty and justice for all!”  A vote for President McCain is a vote against terrorism!  Plain and simple.

 Lastly and most important, there may be three Supreme Court Justices who will retire over the next four years!  The decisions made by our Supreme Court have the most lasting effect.  Remember, these decisions by this court will affect your children and grandchildren.  Sixty years from now, if a liberal makes these Supreme Court appointments, we may know our country as the United Socialist State of America . 

Please cast your vote  for the United States of America !!!  President McCain will make responsible conservative appointments that will ensure a safe and secure future for our children and grandchildren.

  The Highlight of My Weekend at the CPAC:

 While at the CPAC, I was invited by Merrile Carlson, to accompany her and other families for a visit to Arlington National Cemetery , the final resting place for our beloved warriors who gave their lives for “liberty and justice for all.”  Merrilee lost her brave Son Michael (aka Shrek) in January, 2005, while serving in Iraq .  His last mission directly enabled and secured safety for the Iraqi people in their first “SUCCESSFUL” democratic election ever.

 Michael truly believed in “liberty and justice for all” and he gave his life in the service of this noble and beloved ideal that has made this great country of America the most noble and humanitarian country on the face of this earth.  I know Michael is so very proud of his mother and her staunch and unwavering support of his Band of Brothers. I cannot begin to describe the strength and resolute determination of this beautiful and downright Heroic Mother.    Capt. Larry Bailey and I spent this brisk but beautiful Washington morning with Merrilee and many Gold Star families who came out to visit their beloved Heroes, for Valentine’s Day.  I know Capt Bailey felt as honored as I did to be in the presence of these loving families who have given their most precious loved ones in this war on terrorism.  I watched Merrilee decorate her Son’s honorable resting place and smoke a cigar for him, her Hero!  Merrilee doesn’t even smoke so I know Michael and the Angels who surround him especially appreciate his mom and her loving tribute and celebration of his life.  Another mom made hot chocolate and lovingly placed this mug atop her son’s grave.  Her brave Hero loves hot chocolate.  

 While at the cemetery, a huge bus pulled up and out poured our United States Marines!  The City Council of Berkeley has absolutely no idea nor any appreciation for these fine  and selfless warriors.  When they are not battling the terrorists, you can find these noble Heroes at Arlington Cemetery , looking after and assisting the families of their fallen brothers.  Capt. Bailey and I gave them a good talking to and we let them know that we love them, revere them and are beholden to them.  They are our Heroes.  They listened intently as we spoke, and, to my utter amazement, they thanked us!  Of course, we let them know that we and so many Americans, are the thankful ones.  We assured them that, as Chris Hill, Nat’l Director of GOE always says, “You keep fighting over there for all of us, and we will keep fighting over here for all of you!”        

 Tears of pride and admiration flowed from within me and my heart welled up so I thought it would break.  I have never in all my life seen such brave and truly honorable Americans.  There is a lovely woman who brings the flowers and decorations for these Gold Star Families and who looks after these Heroes when their family cannot make the trip. When Merrilee is not tending to her Son and his memory, she lobbies and advocates on behalf of all our Soldiers.  Please visit her website at and make a donation from your heart.  Thank You, and may God Bless and watch over Merrilee and all our Gold Star Families, and God Bless Our Soldiers.

 Very Proud Mother of Sgt. John P. White,
 4th Deployment, 82nd Airborne
 Bronze Star Recipient,

Beverly Perlson
Founder, The Band of Mothers

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