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After Action Report

CPAC 2012:  Breitbart: There are Two Paths, One is America, The Other is Occupy!

I headed to CPAC with a heavy but hopeful heart. I was looking for Conservatives who know that the Occupy people are not "delightful" as John Tillman described them. I was looking for Conservatives who stand by our troops ALWAYS, no matter what, and would never use the word Marine and vile in the same sentence!  I was looking for Conservatives who would never tell me that I have something in common with the radical Occupy "freaks" as Andrew Breitbart so accurately described them.  I was looking for Conservatives who are loyal to our troops and who would never abandon them to pacify freaks.  I was looking for loyalty among our ranks.  I am sick and tired of listening to men like John Tillman who try and make nice with freaks and who stab our troops in the back and who stab their brave defenders in the back.  I am sick and tired of listening to those who continuously beat up on John Boehner and the Republicans, who have passed tons of legislation, but I hear not a peep out of them that Harry Reid sits in the Senate with all that legislation shoved in his drawer!!!  The Democrats love these folks and as they beat up on this Republican Congress, they beat down a golden opportunity we have to lead this country out of the darkest days we have ever seen.  The outrageous and irresponsible actions of Obama and this administration could fill volumes and is so much fodder for Conservatives, yet beating up on Republicans is the norm is some groups and to such a degree, I am convinced they have been infiltrated by the lefties!! That is clear to many of us Conservatives.  I went to CPAC looking for loyalty among our ranks and my heart came away rejuvenated and certain that we will leave in the dust those that choose to do the work of the left!  I encourage Mr Tillman and those who think Conservatives have anything in common with the Occupy "freaks" to listen to Andrew Breitbart's speech at CPAC.

The Occupy people are NOT "DELIGHTFUL", they are, as Andrew so accurately describes them "the same  shock troops who have been shocking us, pointing their fingers at us, trying to instigate riots with the Police, these people are the definition of un-American."  Andrew went on"  "You want a unity speech:  Ask not what the candidate can do for you, ask what you can do for candidate, and that is what the Tea party is, we are there to confront them on behalf of our candidate. 

I will march behind whoever the candidate is because if we don't, we lose.  There are 2 paths, one is America, the other one is Occupy, one is America, the other is Occupy!!!

Anyone that is willing to stand next to me, to fight the Progressive left, I will be in that bunker and if you're not in that bunker because you are not satisfied with this candidate, MORE THAN SHAME ON YOU,  YOU'RE ON THE OTHER SIDE!"  

You get that, Mr Tillman?!   

What a unity speech Andrew gave and the loyalty I was looking for responded with thundering applause!

Thanks to Katie O'Malley, I first met Andrew Breitbart at CPAC in 2009.  I was collecting post cards for our troops and I asked Andrew if he would fill one out.  At the end of the evening Andrew handed me his handwritten post card and what he wrote grabbed hold of this mother's heart forever.  I knew what he had written was profound and that standing in my presence was a great man, a brave man, the George Washington of my lifetime! I felt at that moment that we were freezing on the banks of the Delaware, the Soldiers were downtrodden and beaten up and before me stood this man of great courage who let me know that this battle was just beginning and he would lead us through the icy biting waters boldly and we would win this fight! Here is what he wrote to our troops back in 2009 at CPAC:

"Dear Soldier, 

I apologize from the bottom of my heart for the putrid behavior of the American media.  You have exhibited heroism and they took the lowest road.  I have committed all of my resources to undo that wrong.  And the mainstream media and Hollywood will have been exposed as the traitors they are."

Andrew Breitbart  

Andrew Breitbart has never abandoned this promise.  He has forged on and  taken on the mainstream media at great cost to himself and his family.  Please keep Andrew and his family in your prayers. I can never thank him enough for his courage and his unwavering loyalty to our troops, to this great country and to all Conservatives.  I offer you back Andrew, my unwavering loyalty and my utmost appreciation and respect. I ask all Conservatives to join me.  Let's hunker down and get in the bunker with Andrew and remember as we move toward this election, there are only two roads, one is America, and one is Occupy!   

Now the rest of the story:

I can report that CPAC was wonderful this year! Conservatives were spared the obnoxious flooding of the Ron Paul people. Civility returned to CPAC and by that I mean, with the absence of the Ron Paul groupies, speakers were actually able to be heard rather than shouted down. Where was the Ron Paul entourage this year?  Ron Paul didn't buy them the tickets as he had in the past.  This year, the Ron Paul ranters all went to Maine and we were all so very thankful.  Interesting too that Ron Paul didn't win the Straw Poll this year!  Coincidence, I don't think so!  

All the panels at CPAC are insightful yet the only panel which addressed the biggest threat to our national security was Pamela Geller's. Pam's panel consisted of some of the bravest Americans among us and what these panelists had to say should be heard by every American who cares about the safety of their family and the future of their children! The panel was "Islamic Law In America:  How the Obama Justice Dpet is Selling Us Out.  The Speakers were: Pamela Geller-Atlas Shrugs, Roberty, Robert Muise, Illario Pantano, J. Christian Adams and James Lafferty.  

All of the people on this panel have been threatened for speaking the truth!  Can you imagine that, right here in America?!  My Son's 4 long deployments fighting terrorists over in Iraq and Afghanistan, and yet brave Americans right here in this country are threatened for doing everything they can to warn all of us that there is danger to us all, right here in our own backyard!  Gold Star families grieving the loss of their precious loved ones who gave everything to keep us safe, and yet brave Americans right here in this country are threatened for speaking truth!  Young and beautiful Warriors lie in Walter Reed without their precious limbs who risked everything to fight pure evil, and yet right here among us is the enemy within.  When you are in the DC area you should go and visit these heroes at Walter Reed, I have, and you will never meet more courageous Americans!  Some will say, it is all in vain!  I say, how dare you say that!  As their little selves have remained safe on this soil since 9/11, I say how dare you say that!!!  Great sacrifices have been made by those among us and God knows what might have been had they not charged after these maniacal killers on our behalf after 9/11.  Now we have the liberal left who have taken up their cause right here in America and shame on those who enable them!  Grover Norquist talks a good game with his tax agenda but I suggest to you he talks out of both sides of his mouth!  I was outraged when he was invited to a Tax Day Tea Party rally here in Chicago and when I objected to this invitation I was told that my concerns regarding Grover were shared, but hey, he knows alot about taxes??!!  Needless to say, I did not attend this event. What is going on is outrageous to me.  The apathy and willingness to look the other way is exactly what led to the murder of 3000 Americans on 9/11.  I believe all the bombings and murder of Americans before 9/11 could have been prevented, had administrations not acted with fear and appeasement, but rather with strength and bold action!  All agree Reagan was a good President but I will never forgive him and his administration for not retaliating after the Beirut Barracks bombing where we lost 241 American servicemen!  They were murdered by a suicide bomber who detonated 12,000 pounds of TNT as our Warriors slept!  The Clinton administration repeatedly looked the other way and as he dallied with Monica in her blue dress, the terrorists bombed and plotted and planned 9/11!  Major Hasan slaughtered 13 Americans at Ft Hood and Obama and his administration refuse to call this a terrorist attack, no, how dare we speak the truth about this, we must call this "workplace violence!"  It seems to me the apathy among Americans is worse now than it ever was before 9/11! While Grover dazzles the folks with his tax pledges and Ron Paul insists we should just be nice to our enemies, the evil among us grows. It is frightening!  This enemy  doesn't respect weakness, they are laughing at us as they, with all the cooperation of the liberal left, the mainstream media and those posing as Conservatives, they further their agenda under their useful tools of  political correctness and racist claims!  I ask you to click on the links below and educate yourself, watch the testimony of those on Pam Geller's panels. These brave Americans are trying to warn you, do not look away!  Do it, if not for yourself, for your children and their future.  After the attacks on 9/11, I remember watching interviews of folks who worked at the airport where the terrorists practiced and prepared for their jihad, for their murder of our innocent loved ones!  They wished they would have reported the  suspicious behavior of these maniacs, because if they had, it is very possible they could have stopped the most horrific event of our lifetime!  I often wonder if Americans really believe that another 9/11 will not occur and I wonder about this because the apathy around me is incredible and negligent and downright frightening.  The economy is bad, I agree, but NOTHING, NOTHING will ever be as bad as losing 3,000 Americans because we looked the other way and let ourselves be bullied into silence by those with a most dangerous liberal agenda!       

Links to Pam Geller's Panel at CPAC:

Below are two links regarding Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan, both who sit on the Board of Directors of the American Conservative Union.  In my opinion, their nefarious relationships are frightening. The phone number is listed below to the ACU. I hope some of you will call and ask this Conservative organization if they are not concerned by the information available on these men. 

Phone: (703) 836-8602.

I have a list of people I pray for every night and Pam Geller is on that list. This phenomenal woman of courage continues to do everything she can to warn Americans about the dangers of radical Islam and the creeping of Sharia into our daily lives.  Please include her, our Troops, Andrew Breitbart, and all the truly brave Americans who stand in broad daylight and report the truth and in doing so fight against an evil that will virtually destroy our very beautiful way of life, if they succeed.

I want to be sure and mention a very brave woman who gave up quite a prestigious job rather than bow down to the liberal left.  She has now devoted her life to exposing radical Islam on our streets and in our neighborhoods.  Imagine, she must do this without exposing who she is.  Imagine that, right here in America!  I thanked her at CPAC and I thank her again now.  She too is in my prayers.  You see her  videos daily as I send them out all the time.

I was in the company of Marnka Peschmann at CPAC.  Marinka is the author of "The Whistleblower" ( and I'm quite proud to call her my friend.  Marinka's book is a cautionary tale about the corrupt Clinton administration. The disgusting manner in which the Clintons and their cronies used and abused people will make you sick. I had to take a shower after reading it.  Why should you read this book?  The best line in the book:  "The Obama administration is the Clinton administration on steroids!"  Many of the same players from the Clinton era operate now out of this administration.  Marinka too is a very brave woman and she is on my prayer list.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Eric Eversole for allowing me to participate on the only military voting panel at CPAC (   Too many of our military voters were disenfranchised  in the last election and of all the Americans whose votes should ALWAYS be counted, it is the brave men and women of our military!!!  The best way anyone can help ensure our military voting rights are protected is to contact your local election reps at least 60 days before the election in November and ask them if they are ready to comply with the MOVE Act and get those ballots out to the troops!  As the election gets closer, we will be sending out more info and it is our hope everyone across this country will get involved and help!     

Now for one of the moments I enjoyed the most at CPAC.  It was the presentation by Col Oliver North of the CPAC American Heroes Award.  This award was presented to Purple Heart Recipient Sgt Courtney Wayne Rouch USMC.  This man is a Hero and one of the most humble I have ever witnessed. I challenge you to watch this segment of CPAC without a box of Kleenex!  Col North is one of my personal Heroes and I am forever grateful to Pepper for making it possible for me to meet him back in 2007, at my first CPAC.  It was an honor and a memory I will cherish forever. Thank you Pepper! 

Col North's speech was uplifting and beautiful and makes you stop and think about the extraordinary military Heroes among us.  He reminds us that "every single person in our armed forces today either came or stayed knowing they were going to go to war." He reminds us that "The classical definition of a Hero isn't someone wearing a spandex suit and cape, it's not the person who catches the pass in the end zone, it is a person who puts themselves at risk for the benefit of others!"  Just think about that and the next time you see one of our military Heroes, hug them and thank them!  Col North believes he has the best job in all of television because he gets to keep company with America's Heroes and I think he is so absolutely correct!!!  He recalls the privilege of serving with the Heroes of Vietnam and he emphatically states:  "What happened to those who served in Vietnam should never ever happen again in America!!!"  That was a standing ovation moment and there were more.  Please take the time to watch Col North's speech and send it to every Vietnam Hero you know and all our Veterans and active duty Heroes!  For that matter, please send it to everyone you  know!   

The Blogger Awards are, in my opinion, awards of bravery and courage.  Remember, these folks report the stories that the lamestream media won't!  Jim Hoft made such a good point when he said that Republicans need to realize, the MSM is not going to report their stories but the bloggers do!  They are the shepherds of truth! 

Pam Geller received the Anti-Jihad Blogger of the Year award and no one is more deserving.  Her acceptance of the award was somewhat  "tied up" and it was brilliant!  You can also see the other blogger awards listed on Pam's link below:

Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit ( received the Tea Party Blogger of the year award!  Jim Hoft is a good man and such a Patriot and I encourage all of you to check his website everyday!  http://www.thegatewaypundit.ttcom/

I was extremely grateful for his post declaring Dana Loesch Hero of the Year when Dana stood up for our Marines recently.  With a mother's heart, I say thank you both!  I for one am sick and tired of seeing our military raked over the coals and some thrown in Leavenworth!  I am sick especially of those who espouse righteous indignation over our Marines making one mistake yet Mr. Tillman, I do not hear this same righteous indignation from you when innocent young girls are murdered by their parents in a practice so horribly called "honor killings!"  There is no honor in killing your own children! I hear no righteous indignation from you when Muslim women and children are stoned to death!  Not a peep!

I want to thank Chad, an Iraq Veteran who is like a Son to me and who always helps me when I am in DC.  Chad spent a year in the Green Zone in Iraq and he tells me he may be heading for another deployment.  The amazing thing is that he tells me he wants to go.  This is the universal heroic attribute that I find among all of our brave Warriors, they all want to be anywhere that their Brothers are if they are in danger.   This is a remarkable bond of loyalty and devotion that nothing compares to, NOTHING!  It is the  most powerful and sacred bond I have ever witnessed.  Please keep Chad and all our troops in your prayers!

To Ben and Chad B. and all the Veterans and fellas who provided security, thank you for a great job! Although some of the Occupy freaks did manage to sneak in a few times, Ben, Chad and the security did a great job clearing them out and keeping everyone safe!!!  The Occupy radicals were gathered down on the street but so far away from the CPAC event that whoever paid them $60 to attempt to disrupt CPAC totally wasted their money.  Don't Ya Just Love it?!!!! Hey, at least they worked for a day!  

To Brett Rappaport of www.wifiam, a Conservative radio show out of New Jersey, thank you for listening and for your interest and concern regarding lst Lt Michael Behenna and all our Soldiers sitting in Leavenworth!  I hope you will let those wonderful New York detectives who introduced me to you know that I truly enjoyed meeting all of you and am grateful to them for the introduction!  I'm afraid I misplaced their cards so if you will, please pass this to them!  I intend to keep talking to anyone who will listen to me about this travesty of injustice our Soldiers have suffered!  It is outrageous that this administration continues to release terrorists, yet our Sons continue to sit in Leavenworth!  Where is the outrage in this country?!  My heart will not be still until we right this wrong!  I refer all to listen to "The Ballad of Michael Behenna" by Chad Evan Todd.  It tells the story of the insane catch and release policy our troops are fighting under and it tells the tragedy of what happened to one Brave American Soldier.  Always remember this please, Michael never left his men!

I would be remiss if I didn't thank Jeannie and James, two Freepers and Patriots who mind you, are in their 70's and who rarely spend any time in their own beds (their picture is attached).  Let it be known that these two great American Patriots travel all across this country in their truck visiting different Conservative events, all because of their great love for this beautiful America!  Jeannie told me one time something I will never forget.  When I asked her if James and her ever stop, she replied, "James and I will do all we can to take this great country back and on election night in November, we can look at each other and say we did all that we could do!"  I love you both very much and I hope you know that in the circles we run in, we are all so very proud to know you both and we are all so very grateful for all you do!  

At this CPAC I am happy to report, thanks to Chad and Jeannie for all their help, we collected 100 Post Cards of Support for our Troops in Afghanistan and when I get them all copied, they will be a part of Volume 17 of Post Cards For Soldiers! These Post Cards of love and support for our brave men and women will then be on their way to an Army unit in Afghanistan.   My special thanks to all who wrote a Post Card.  These 17 Volumes of Post Cards I have collected over the years are historical documents and proof positive for future generations that come after us that across this great country, the men and women of this war have been loved and revered by their fellow Americans!      

Lastly, it is always my tradition at CPAC to take to dinner Phil and Heather of Free Republic, who headed up and led the Free Republic stand out in front of Walter Reed for 6 solid years, in rain, and sleet and snow, no matter the weather, these great Patriots of Free Republic never missed one Friday night!  Not ever!  Ron of GOE joined us and Cindy and Chief too and they were always a part of the Friday night vigil!  The Band of Mothers is so very grateful to the Patriots of Free Republic for all they have done for our troops!  Phil and Heather happen to love Shelly's Back Room, a cigar bar and just a great Washington, DC establishment, so that is where we gathered!  As you can see from the attached pictures, we had the coolest get-together in all of CPAC!  My very special thank you to Kaite O'Malley who, as usual, brings together a great group of Patriots!  If I haven't told you lately Katie, you ROCK! Pam Geller and Robert Spencer joined us, along with Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, some of the great Breitbart crew including Andrew Marcus and Maura Flynn!  DC Brian (a brilliant young man!) and his girlfriend joined us too!  It was great fun and there is nothing more enjoyable than to spend an evening with people who truly do put their boots on the ground for our troops and this great cause we all fight for known as freedom and liberty!   

I end this report with some great Post Cards to the Troops!  Please pray for them every night and speak about them and think about them for they think of all of you every single day of their life!

Dear Soldier, Words simply cannot express the gratitude we feel for what you do.   The person who offers themselves to the military in order to protect the freedoms of others is truly a person of honor, integrity, and strong moral character.  Thank you for your service.

Dear Soldier, It is an honor to have a chance to put pen to paper, and express my heartfelt appreciation for your sacrifice.  My children will know that they owe their freedom to Heroes Like You! 

Dear Soldier, from the Proud Father of an active Duty Marine, Thank You For Your Service!  Our whole family actively supports our military by countering the anti-war, anti-USA maggots!

Dear Soldier, Thank you so much for all you do for our country.  You are the real Heroes we should flock to and our culture needs to respect your bravery and courage MORE!  God Bless You, Stay Safe and Come Home Soon!

Dear Soldier, Thank you so much for your honorable and selfless commitment and sacrifice.  As a twenty year-old college student I cannot fathom the intense work that goes into protecting the liberty I am blessed by.  I praise God and pray for all of you and am in your debt.

Dear Soldier, greetings from CPAC!!  Please know that your sacrifice and efforts are ABSOLUTELY appreciated by Conservatives across the country.  Godspeed and hurry home!

Dear Soldier, Thank you so much for your service.  We are thinking about you and praying for your.  Please return home safely.

Dear American Warfighter, God Bless you and your unit.  Our prayers are with you everyday.  America's future rests on your shoulders, a weight which has been bared by our military since our founding.  Your service is much appreciated by me and our generations to come.  Soldier On!

Dear Soldier, You serve without hesitation for our freedoms.  You are the most honorable of all Americans.  I love you and continue to pray for your safety.  God Bless you!

Lastly, this Post Card will surely touch your heart, it is from Gold Star Mother Debbie Lee:

My dear Hero, Thank you for your service and sacrifice.  I am a very grateful American.  Let me know if I can do anything for you!  God Bless!  Debbie Lee, Proud Mother of Marc Alan Lee, Navy Seal, KIA 8-2-06.  The motto of The Band of Mothers is "Warriors Come From Warriors" and Gold Star mother Debbie Lee exemplifies this motto!  She is a mother in the truest sense of the word for her Son gave his life in defense of his country and Debbie asks his Brothers and Sisters, "Let me know if I can do anything for you!"  I know her Son is so very proud of her!

America is a beautiful nation and a strong nation and some of her Greatest Patriots are described in this report. I truly believe that goodness will prevail in America and what I do know for certain is that we must keep fighting, for our children and their future, so that we pass on to them this magnificent freedom and liberty our forefathers fought so hard to pass on to us!        

God Bless America and God Bless and Watch Over Our Troops!

Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers


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