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Special Thanks sent to the Chicago Police Department!

Note:  scroll to bottom of page to see letter of thanks that went out to the Chicago Police Department.


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Chicago Commemorates Veterans Day with a Public Ceremony at Soldier Field. 

Daley with Patriot Guard
& Leathernecks
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After Action Report

Support our Troops Rally Came to the Heartland!

October 27, 2007 - We were about 40 strong and they were about 3,000 strong.  However, the local TV stations gave us excellent coverage.  All the local media gave our gallant and proud Patriots as much coverage as they gave the misguided "miscreants".  Some of them even thanked us for coming out and said we could call them in the future when we rally!  Special thanks to Tera with Fox news and Antoinne with WGN! 

The Chicago Police were extremely supportive and lots of them thanked us for coming out.  They totally surrounded us and those on the horses were not facing us, they were lined up on Dearborn Street  facing the demonstrators. 

I am so proud of what we accomplished and the one thing I had hoped for occurred.  As this is my Son's hometown where these people chose to demonstrate, I wanted more than anything for my brave warrior over in  Afghanistan to see his mother out there with her sign declaring pride in his service.  Well, I am happy to report my Sign was all over the TV and my Son has seen my sign!  He thanked all of us for coming out and supporting our Soldiers!  He also had a colorful response to the young man carrying the sign  F--- the war pigs, but I will leave to your imagination what that was.

Thank You to the Minutemen, Gathering of Eagles, Eagles Up and Each and Every Patriot who came out and stood with us on Saturday!  Thanks to Move America Forward and Families United for your moral support! We may have been small, but we stood with mighty hearts in support of our troops and their mission!  Size doesn't matter here, our message does!  Everyone agreed we will continue to Step Up Stand Up and Stick Up For Our Soldiers!!  Thank you with all my heart to all who came!

One last note, as we were leaving, driving in our car, we witnessed 4 young anti-war protestors throwing their signs away in the garbage can (the Poor Chicago Sanitation Dept!)  They saw us watching them and they starting pulling their signs back out of the trash!  We took our signs home because we are committed to our Soldiers and their mission and we intend to use them again and, Nobody bought our signs, we paid for them ourselves! 

I am
The Very Proud Mother of Active 82nd Airborne Soldier

Beverly Perlson
Founder, The Band of Mothers

News coverage excerpts from Rally:

Fox News Interview:

ABC Channel 7 - Chicago:
...A small but vocal group gathered across from the main demonstration. The group included some parents of those who have served. They said it is impossible to support the troops while protesting the war.

"I think they're misguided people. I think they're confused. I'm not confused. I'm clear on why I'm here. I'm here to support my son, and I support his mission," said Beverly Perlson, whose son is serving in Afghanistan.

Chicago Tribune Website:
...Counter-protester Beverly Perlson, 50, of Oak Lawn, said her son was on his fourth deployment in Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne Division.

"I'm proud of my son's service," she said. "Just in case he sees this on TV, I want him to know that we still love him and support him."

Miscellaneous pictures from Support the Troops Rally

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Beverly Perlson,

Founder of The Band Of Mothers

"I am proud of my son's service.  Thanks 82nd Airborne!"

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Beverly Perlson,

Founder of The Band of Mothers

At Support our Troops Rally with younger son Mike.

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Mike White, Beverly Perlson's younger son.

Mike and friends showing their support of our Soldiers at rally.

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Special Thanks sent to the Chicago Police Department:

30 October 2007


Dana V. Stark

Interim Superintendent

Of Police

Chicago Police Department

3510 S Michigan Avenue

Chicago, Illinois   60653


Dear Mr. Stark:


I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what an absolute wonderful, kind and helpful Officer you have in Officer Anderson.  As my Son serves his 4th deployment in Afghanistan, I was upset and alarmed when I heard a large number of anti-war protestors were coming to my Son’s hometown to demonstrate.  I wanted to be able to stand where these miscreants could see me with a sign that said, “I am Proud of My Son’s Service.  Thank you 82nd Airborne!”


Thanks to the helpfulness and courteous direction of Officer Anderson, I was able to do that.  He enabled myself and other Patriots to Step Up Stand Up and Stick Up For Our Soldiers and we did so Proudly.  There may not have been many of us, but size has no matter here, our message does! 


We all are so very appreciative of Officer Anderson’s efforts, along with the Chicago Police Force, on behalf of our Soldiers.  My Son in Afghanistan asked me to thank you too, as he saw his mother’s sign and he saw Chicago Patriots alongside her!  He thought you looked pretty tough on those horses too!  If this mother can every do anything for the Chicago Police Department, you be sure and let me know.


With a Proud and Thankful Heart,


The Very Proud Mother of

Active 82nd Airborne Soldier



Beverly Perlson

Founder, The Band of Mothers

cc:  Officer Charles Anderson

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