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After Action Report

Support our Troops Rally Washington DC

17 March 2008
After Action Report:  Support Our Troops
Washington DC

What a glorious weekend this was!  Americans gathered in Washington DC to stand tall and proud for our Troops! On Friday, The Band of Brothers stood Strong and Stoic for their Brothers at the Labor College, where the IVAW “thought” they were going to shake the world with their traitorous whining.  They found out, NOT THIS TIME, NOT THIS WAR, AND NOT THESE WARRIORS!!!  As the mother of a brave Soldier, I am proud to say Americans stood up to the plate this weekend in defense of, and in honor and pride for, our brave Soldiers and the heroic job they are doing. 

From what I can gather so far, the whining by the IVAW during their silly Winter Soldier gathering has amounted to generalities and non-specific ramblings.  Uneventful and not really worth anymore reporting than this!

The real story of this past weekend took place out in front of Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  Scores of proud patriots gathered to show their love and support for the these Heroes among us, our Wounded Warriors! There must have been 100 of us with our glorious flags and our proud patriotic hearts, there to make sure these true American heroes know we love them and are so grateful for their sacrifice.  Walter Reed is hallowed ground and when this mother realized the Pinkos were out in front of this sacred institution that houses and cares for our noble Warriors, well the lioness within me roared up and that powerful protective instinct took over.  I have watched these ingrates insult and dishonor our Soldiers so many times, I have seen their signs calling my Son and all our Soldiers “terrorists,” these useless vagrants have spit on our Soldiers, and I have been called the mother of a terrorist, all by these dirty, filthy troublemakers.  These are not fellow Americans, these are anarchists who want to tear out the heart of America and tear into the heart of our Soldiers.  They truly are the enemy within our country and they are use to running the show, everywhere they go.  Their mission is to disrupt our country and tear it apart.  Well, Friday night, we far outnumbered them and we gave them a little taste of their own intimidating tactics!  They shoved and we shoved back, they yelled and we yelled back. I am happy to report this mother had the distinct pleasure of telling Suzi (aka Medea Benjamin, Code Pinko terrorist leader) to get out of our country!!!  As my brave and honorable Son serves out his 4th tour, I cannot tell you how truly cathartic it was to tell Suzi to her face that “WE DON’T WANT YOU IN THIS COUNTRY and GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!”  Poor pathetic Suzi, she tells me she has nowhere to go, nobody wants her!  She agrees that even Pelosi is running away from her.  Poor pathetic Suzi, she is a woman without a country!  Well, I promised Suzi that I will try and find a country that will take her but in all honesty, I wouldn’t waste my precious time.  Eventually, at the rate she is going, she will Code Blue herself!

What I truly do not understand about Code Pink is that they are a women’s organization and they claim to stand for love and peace.  Have they no regard for the Iraqi women who would like to see their children go to school everyday and to do so in a safe world, have they no concern for the Iraqi women who would like to be treated with respect and honor, as all women should, why are they not indignant to defend the rights of the Iraqi mothers whose children are preyed upon by butchers who only see their children as future suicide bombers.  Where is the outrage for these poor Iraqi women who are treated like slaves and who are regulated to the darkest corner of their homes and who will never feel the breeze of the wind blowing through their hair?  I say to Suzi and your Code Pink punks, you are hypocrites, every one of you. I say to you, what about those poor Iraqi women and their children and where is your concern for them?  I am proud of my Son and our Soldiers because they respect life and they have brought more sanity and safety to the world of the Iraqis women and their precious children than they have ever known.  Our Soldiers respect women and they love children and theirs is a humanitarian mission of peace and honor.  Right now, thanks to General Petraeus and our brave and noble Soldiers, the crime rate in Iraq is less than ours! Where is the outrage from Code Pink for the rights of the Iraqi women and their children?  There is none because they are hypocrites and they no more care about the murder and rape of the poor defenseless Iraqi women and children than I care about the Pinkos!    We will continue to do the right thing and Soldier On to assist these appreciative and thankful Iraqi and Afghan families, in spite of the shallow, reckless and destructive hypocrites who call themselves Code Pink!

This beautiful weekend wrapped up for us with a glorious march down Constitution Avenue, amid honking horns and much support from the onlookers in Washington DC.  George Washington and John Wayne would have been so proud!  We are proud Americans who are growing in numbers everyday and who will not allow the likes of Code Pink and IVAW to take over our hearts or our streets. We will continue to expose them for the lying hypocrites they are and we will continue to Step Up Stand Up and Stick Up For Our Soldiers!

In conclusion, this very proud mother has two concerns and requests regarding our future missions.  On March 19th, please visit your local recruiting station and take our noble Warriors inside coffee and donuts.  Go in and thank them for their service and give them a hug.  You see, the anarchists (Code Pink, IVAW, SDS…) are planning to disrupt our recruiting stations nationwide on this day, so visit your local recruiters and don’t allow this to happen!  We must be vigilant and we must stand for our Soldiers, who stand for us every minute of everyday!

I also want to let everyone know that I will be back out on Nancy’s corner, the Cannon Bldg in Washington DC, on April 7th, 8th and 9t,h so if you can make it, come out and join us in support of General Petraeus and our brave Warriors.  The Band of Mothers will be out in support of our Soldiers and I have received assurances that we will be joined by The Gathering of Eagles and Free Republic, and I hope many other organizations.  I am happy to say I am seeing more and more Band of Mother T-Shirts and that is wonderful because the proceeds go to the Wounded Warriors and The Gathering of Eagles!  This T-shirts bonds us all as “Warriors Do Come From Warriors!”  

Very Proud Mother of
Sgt. John P. White
82nd Airborne
Bronze Star Recipient

Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers    

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