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After Action Report

Support our Troops Rally Washington DC

June 3,4,5 2008
After Action Report
Cannon House Office Bldg Corner
Washington DC 

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I really cannot put into words how absolutely wonderful it is to stand on the Cannon House Office Bldg corner in support of our Soldiers and their mission!  It is so very important to Step Up Stand Up and Stick Up For our Soldiers in the very place where support for them is disgracefully lacking. 

 As these Brave Men and Women of our Military Stand For Us And Fight For Us, IT IS AN HONOR BEYOND WORDS TO STAND FOR THESE NOBLE HEROES!

Now I can tell you that some Congressman walked by us and ignored us.  We don't understand that reaction!  We are standing outside a Congressional Office Building in Washington DC in support of The United States Military and Their Successful Mission and Accomplishments in the War On Terror, and some Congressman ignore us?!

It is the absolute, undeniable truth that Congressmen serve in the United States Congress and do so because the Greatest Military on The Face of This Earth provides them the security and freedom to do so! 

My special thanks to members of The Gathering of Eagles for standing with us.  Thank You Chad , Ron, Eva, Bob, Robbie, TJ and The Chief!!!  We played our great patriotic music and we stood proudly for our SOLDIERS!!!  The overwhelming appreciation and support by passersby is heartwarming and motivating.  I can tell you firsthand that Washington DC is filled with Americans who love and support our Soldiers.  There does seem to be a problem with some Congressmen showing their patriotism there but we are going to work on that and we invite them to join us in Supporting Our Soldiers by giving Them Whatever They Need to Continue on With Their Success!  As pointed out to many Congressman walking by:  There were more people killed in DC last weekend than there were in Baghdad !  I'd say our Soldiers are doing an excellent job.

We were joined by the Washington DC Free Freak Show known as Code Pink.  They showed up on the corner and surrounded Ron and I on Tuesday.  I'm with Chris Hill (Nat'l Director of GOE) on this, I have no desire to build bridges to these people, I don't care what they have to say.  When you carry signs like they do, that read "Thank God For Dead Soldiers", you are as sick and as psycho as the terrorists who "LIKE" to brutalize and butcher innocent women and children.  These pink people are vagrants who do not seem to have jobs because they spend their days disrupting hearings, spitting on Soldiers, and I would like to think, embarrassing those who support them!  They also appear to have so much fun degrading themselves and those who support them.  It is the opinion of many that they are a disgrace to themselves and anyone who is encouraging them.  Mr. Murtha, I understand you have some Pink Medals bestowed upon you by this Free Freak Show!  Nancy Pelosi, we understand they spend quite a bit of time in your office?!  I will never understand any member of Congress who is invested in the defeat of America but when you deny Soldiers their pay and their supplies (especially when these very Soldiers are in harm's way), and you align yourselves with pink people who carry signs thanking God for dead Soldiers, you are invested in the defeat of America and her Brave Military.  This is shameful behavior!

A very special thank you to the Capitol Police. They are the "boots on the ground" in our nation's Capitol and they do an amazing job.  In my opinion, their level of restraint with regard to Pink nuisances is remarkable!  

The following email sums up our appreciation to all who support our Brave Men and Women who wear The Uniform.

This was sent to Congressman Gohmert, Congressman Joe Wilson and the Armed Services Committee, for their gracious hospitality and kindness to those of us on the Cannon Bldg. corner last week:  

It was pretty "hot" on the Cannon Bldg corner this past Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, "hot" in more ways than one.  Thank you for bringing us cold drinks, but much more than that, thank you so very very much for your support of our Soldiers!  Thank you for your integrity to take a stand for those who stand for all of us.  Thank you for not deserting our Soldiers. You are the America we all love and fight for.

A dear Patriot I know who is a retired Navy Chief told me that there were more people killed in DC last weekend than in Baghdad .  Our Soldiers are awesome Heroes doing a phenomenal job and they darn sure should get what they need before anyone in that Cannon Bldg gets what they need!  I wonder how the Congressman invested in defeat in Iraq would be feeling if we, the people, threatened their pay. I wonder how Nancy Pelosi would feel if we, who employ her, threatened to take away her gas guzzling SUV and her driver, and told her to walk the short distance to the Senate Bldg!  Many of our Soldiers work out of tents and they have managed to free two countries!  I am certain that if we laid down on paper the record accomplishments of our Soldiers in the last 4 years and compared their record to that of this Congress, certain Congressman would be so very embarrassed.       

Our Soldiers service is noble and just, and thank you for your acknowledgment of that fact.   We are so concerned about the ungrateful treatment toward our Brave Soldiers (they are spit on as they attempt to get on public transportation, DC recruiters tires are regularly slit, the Berkeley Marines are told to get out of Berkeley and a permit is issued by Berkeley City Council to allow the Code Pink protesters to harass these gutsy protectors of our freedom on a weekly basis. The last est slap in our brave Soldier's face comes from the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who credits the success of the surge to the goodwill of the Iranians!!!! (wait, didn't Nancy just say recently the surge was not a success???)

We Patriotic Americans are worried about our Sons and Daughters.

Congressman, we cannot thank you enough for all your efforts on their behalf.

Thank You Again For Standing by our Soldiers, and for your gracious hospitality.  We, The Gathering of Eagles and The Band of Mothers, will be be back on the corner of the Cannon Bldg. July 8th, 9th and 10th.  If you know any Patriots wanting to stand with us, please pass this email on.

I am afraid I may have missed some of the grateful Congressman who stopped to thank us for coming out and reassured us that they will continue to stand for our Brave military men and women. If you know who they are, please pass this email onto them so they know we grateful to them for their hospitality and for standing for our Sons and Daughters. 

God Bless You Congressmen, God Bless Our Soldiers, and God Bless The USA!

With A Mother's Heart,
Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers  

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