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After Action Report

Support our Troops Rally Washington DC

July 8th, 9th & 10th, 2008
After Action Report
Cannon House Office Bldg Corner
Washington DC 


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July 8, 2009

 The Band of Mothers and The Gathering of Eagles proudly gathered on the Cannon Bldg Corner, and reminded all those inside that building we stand proudly and gratefully for our Soldiers!  We had a great turnout and much support from those who passed by.  We did notice that there weren't many legislators around, still not back from their 4th of July holiday.  Must be nice, huh?  We stand on this corner to remind Americans that our Soldiers are doing an unbelievable job in Iraq and Afghanistan and deserve acknowledgment of their triumphs and the utmost respect of the Congress.    

 It is always rewarding when fellow Americans touring DC stop and ask to take pictures with us and thank us for our stand!  To the father who asked me if his kids could hold our signs so he could take pictures of them, it was a very proud moment for all of us.  Future Patriots that may one day take our place!  Now that warms our hearts!!!   

 This is the most important work I have ever done in my life and I know that those that stand with me feel the same way.  We love our Soldiers and we will stand with them and for them anywhere, anytime.  Judging from the response we get, patriotism is alive and well in our nation's capital and it's nice to spend your day with folks who are not afraid to show their love for their country and their pride in her Soldiers!  Heroes, Everyone of Them!

 Thanks to Britt Small and his Manager Annette for joining us on Tuesday.  Britt travels all over performing for our Veterans and he often sleeps in camp grounds along the way.  Britt is retired 173rd Airborne and now has a Son serving in Iraq  who is Airborne Special Forces.  I watched Britt perform for our veterans at the Manteno Veterans Home and he put a smile on their face.  If you can donate to his tour, please do so at

Tuesday Evening
Malogne House

Walter Reed Army Medical Center

 Tuesday Evening we had the honor of meeting a Genuine American Hero.  His name is David and he resides currently at the Malogne House at Walter Reed.  David lost his legs fighting the terrorists and I've got to tell you that I don't know too many Americans walking around on both legs who have as gutsy an attitude as David.  We sat out in the breezeway with David and his Veteran Dad, and we learned a lot from this Hero.  The psycho terrorists in Iraq might have taken David's legs but they didn't take his spirit and they sure didn't take his love for his fellow Americans and his country.  I was glad to know that the butchers who did this to David will never do this to anyone ever again. David's Brothers took care of them and I have no doubt these maniacs are in the furthest depths of hell. If they are with virgins, I am certain they are ugly as sin. God Bless The Band of Brothers!

 David made sure we had some of the GREAT Espresso Coffee they enjoy when the Chaplain brings the machine to the Malogne House.  We learned from several that the coffee at the Malogne House is pretty much "hot water" and these Heroes eat a lot of chicken.  David talked about how much he loved that Espresso Machine and there's nothing like a good cup of coffee.  David will soon have his own Espresso Machine, courtesy of The Band of Mothers!  I don't think he believes me but he'll see soon enough!  I have also talked with others about getting some steaks sent to these Heroes and we are all going to work on that.  As we drove back to our hotel, I thought how brave and strong and selfless these men and women are in the United States Military.  David and all the Heroes at Walter Reed are the very BEST of America !  David's words ring in my ears "I just did my job." I truly wish I could give David my legs and if I could, I would in a minute!  David, you are my Hero forever and thank you for all you have done for my family and  America .  It is an absolute honor to stand for You and all our Soldiers and I hope with all my heart you know how much we all appreciate YOU!

July 9, 2008

 Wednesday  went so very well.  I encourage folks to come out as it is worth it just to hear Big Joe on the megaphone.  Some of the very best sermons I have ever heard are given on the Cannon Bldg corner by Joe.  He lectures about how lucky we all are to have such brave and devoted Soldiers who put their lives on the line everyday for all of us.   He talks about patriotism and love of this great country and he encourages everyone who passes by to thank a Soldier every chance they get.  Joe had a lot to say about the gas prices and the extremely high taxes we pay in the State of Illinois !  He spoke as the business owner he is and he let old Dick Durbin, Obama and Nancy Pelosi know we are not happy campers and they need to keep their first promise to all of us and lower the gas prices.  Drill Here and Drill Now was heard over and over for 3 days by all the Congressman who passed us by.  Some of these Congressman are getting pretty good at pretending to be on the phone as they pass by.  Others stop and thank us for coming out and they tell us every time we are there how good we look.  Compared to the Pink Psychos they are use to seeing, I'm sure we are a refreshing change.  Some folks actually get giddy when they see us, kind of the way I imagine our forefathers acted on the first 4th of July!   Their eyes truly glisten with glee and you get the feeling they are so relieved to see folks who are not afraid to show their patriotism. If there is one thing we all have come to see on that corner it is that even our own Congressman seem afraid to show their patriotism.   Last time I checked, we live in America , land of the free and home of the brave, and everyone of us who stands on that corner deeply appreciate our Soldiers and the freedom they provide to all of us.  We stand for our Soldiers on that corner because we are so very grateful to them for their courage, tenacity and sacrifice.  We stand in  acknowledgment of our Soldier's victories and we do so because the Congress refuses to do so.  If it were up to me, I would fire Nancy Pelosi and most of her 9% approval rated Congress. When the majority in Congress refuse to recognize that our Soldiers are winning this War, well, they certainly should not be making decisions that affect the safety of the rest of us!  Dennis "flying saucer" Kucinich held a press conference on the landing of the Cannon Bldg on Thursday where he was flanked by the Code Pink Psycho People!  They want Bush impeached, AGAIN!  And we pay this man??!!!!!!!!   Do you see something wrong with this picture?

 We had a great crowd on Wednesday.  I'm proud to report that each time we go to the corner, there are more and more Americans who join us. Americans young and old, came from all over this time!  We had folks from DC, Virginia , Chicago , Pennsylvania , Maryland and New Jersey . We met some nice folks from France who gave us a thumbs up, an adorable Vietnamese family who thanked us for being out there, a young girl from Denmark who also thanked us, and a man who told me he was Muslim and asked me to thank my Son for him.  These are just a few of the many many people who thank us for coming out for our Soldiers.   

 Wednesday afternoon we had the distinct honor of standing with David and his Dad!  We hoped David would make it and he did!!  He is one tough Soldier and he sure makes you proud to be an American.  Mary and Joe brought them sandwiches and they ate good food like Nancy, Dick Durbin and Murtha enjoy everyday!  There something wrong with this picture!!!

 David and his dad thoroughly enjoyed listening to Joe talk quite loudly on the megaphone about the sacrifices our Soldiers are making everyday and the profound honor it is to be in their midst.  Mary was angered by a cold and careless comment made by a rather large man.  You know the comment, I don't support the war but I support the Soldiers.  Joe does not like when someone upsets Mary and she was not a happy camper.  Needless to say, neither was the large man when Joe had his say.  He did shake David's hand and thank him.  We call that a lesson in "Soldier Appreciation!" 15 Congressman must have passed by this American Hero and just kept right on going.  The most do nothing Congress, hurrying to do nothing!  And we pay them??!!

 There were three Congressman who took the time to come over and speak to David and his Dad, and gave their cards to him and offered their help!  Best of all, they took the time to thank David for his service and sacrifice. Special thanks to Congressman Virgil Goode.

 There was an extraordinary sighting of one fat Adam Kokesh, so fat that we weren't sure it was him at first. Chris Hill gave him the steely look when he called out his name and Adam changed his mind about coming down the stairs. I can understand his change of direction as he looked down at Chris, Big Joe and Coby.  We know Adam is weak but he's not stupid. He wasn't wearing his IVAW shirt, imagine that!  Poor thing, probably disillusioned after the flop of the Winter Soldier debacle!  Depressed, eating a lot to try and comfort himself over his latest flop!  Poor thing, he's changed his whole look actually.  Well why not, he's in a New Group with a New Look and a New Doo even!  I wonder if he'll have a New Name to go with his New look!   It is worrisome and concerning to see some of the riff raff that comes and goes out of that Cannon Bldg, on our dime!  

Wednesday night we paid a visit to the Code Pink House and there just isn't much to say except, what a dump. Imagine a dumpy row house with pink paper covering the windows and a pink mailbox on the porch with weeds growing so high you can barely see the bench that is there.  Creepy and pretty much what I expected.  We sang America The Beautiful and Star Spangled Banner and TJ sang the Ammunition song to us.  Great Song!

 Thursday was our last day and it was a great day.  It looked like thunderstorms so we waited for clearer skies before we headed out.  Lo and behold, as Eva and I exited our cab, there sitting on "our" corner was the Code Pinko man who has been on a hunger strike since last December!  It's amazing as he is the only person I have ever seen who gains weight on a hunger strike!  He has changed his get-up too.  He is cleaner, sports a red white and blue shirt and carries flags and a patriotic umbrella!  George Soros must have given him a raise!  Only in America , huh?  We advised him to remove himself from our corner as we have a permit and he was disrupting our event.  He whined as he folded his stuff up that I am always so nasty.  Chris Hill said it the best when he said: I'm not trying to build bridges to these people anymore, I don't care what they have to say and I'm tired of them having the only voice!  Mr. Pinko man moved his sorry self across the street.   

 Turnout was good and the response from folks was awesome.  We wrapped up with the promise that we would all meet back again the week of September 9th, 10th and 11th.  We will stand in support of our troops and their victories and we will stand to memorialize their Brothers and our beloved Americans whose lives were so brutally taken on September 11, 2001.  WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE AND WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

Thanks to Eva, Bob and Robbie, for all your help and for your Son's service.  Thank you Mary and Joe and who come all the way from Chicago and who have come often, and Chief, you are a glorious sight when you show up on your motorcycle. Special thanks to Teresa, with Steve Sauerberg's Campaign. Teresa is a beautiful Patriot and we here in Illinois need to Dump Dick Durbin and vote for Steve Sauerberg, a doctor and a Patriot who supports and reveres our Soldiers!  Special Special thanks to Chad for always showing up, in all weather conditions!  You are a noble Soldier and we are all proud to know you!   We will miss you and we will be thinking about you when we take our stand in September.  

 Special thanks to Artie Muller and his Brothers of Rolling Thunder for joining us on the Corner for awhile!  It was an honor to meet you and Bart too. We hope to see you in September!

 To Free Republic , you folks are absolutely the most dedicated and resourceful American Patriots I have ever seen. I am certain you are DIRECT descendants from Patrick Henry.  You Freepers are all about "Give me Liberty or Give Me Death!"     

 To Chris Hill, Capt. Bailey, Coby, and The Gathering of Eagles, you have NEVER EVER let The Band of Mothers down and for that I am forever grateful.  You are a tough bunch and The Band of Mothers is always honored by your presence and very grateful.  The things you have accomplished and done for our Soldiers is phenomenal.  The stand you take for our Soldiers, anytime, anywhere, will be written into the history pages and your story will be talked about One Hundred years from now.  I have no doubt about that.  Your legacy and the things you have done are  memorialized forever in several editions of Post Cards For Soldiers Books.  As Chris Hill said, "we are taking our country back" and we are, thanks to all of you.  Like our Soldiers, you have the hearts of Warriors and it is the job of Warriors to protect and defend those they love and care about.  You are Warriors, everyone of you, and I thank you with all my heart for all you do for our Soldiers.

 This visit to the Corner went extremely well and we know we are making a difference for our Soldiers.  We will stand for our Soldiers, anytime and anywhere.  It is great American heroes like David who enable us to live our life safe and free. Until September, Thank a Soldier every chance you get and let them know we are a very grateful nation!  Our Soldiers need to know we Stand For Them and we will until they are treated with the respect, reverence,  and appreciation they so deserve!

 To all of you who came out to join us,  thank you.  I know it is a hardship on families to take 3 days off work and travel to DC, but this is nothing compared to what our Soldiers do for us everyday.  We will be back on the Cannon Bldg. Corner September 9th 10th, and 11th, the permit request is in!  I'm calling on everyone I know to make it out to the corner this time, Please!  If you can't make it for 3 days, make it on September 11th!  We will be on the Cannon Bldg Corner at New Jersey & Independence Ave, on September 9th, 10th and 11th, from 9am to 5pm.  I promise you it will be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do and it means the world to our Soldiers!  Let's send a message to our Soldiers that they are Loved and Revered and we are a Very Very Grateful Nation.  Obviously, this is a message our Congress needs to hear too! 

God Bless Our Soldiers
God Bless America
and God Bless The Band of Brothers!

See you in September!   
Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers


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