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After Action Report

Support our Troops Rally Washington DC

After Action Report

Cannon Office Bldg

Washington DC

September 9th and 10, 2009


Dedicated to:  Chad Longell, Brave Soldiers Stationed Somewhere in Iraq.


Well fellow Patriots, this stand on the Cannon Bldg Corner marks the 10 time on this corner in support of our troops. The Band of Mothers, The Gathering of Eagles and Free Republic stood proudly, once again, in support of our Heroes! Our main mission and message was to THANK OUR SOLDIERS FOR THEIR VICTORY IN IRAQ AND FOR KEEPING US SAFE SINCE 9/11!!!  I would say that this was a very successful stand and so many folks stopped by to thank us for coming and expressed their appreciation for our Troops and their hard work in keeping us safe!


On Wednesday we dealt with the rain but that did not stop us Patriots!  Our Soldiers conduct their missions in the rain and so do we!  Our Soldiers never sit and when we’re on the Cannon Bldg corner, neither do we!  In spite of the rain, we had many folks stop by to offer their support to our Troops and their appreciation for their service and sacrifice.  ALL AGREE, These Mighty Warriors have won the war in Iraq and it’s about time they were formally thanked.  We feel our stand on Pelosi’s corner rang the bell of our legislatures and especially her highness, Madame Pelosi!  One thing we did notice is the usual circus act of Code Pink was no where to be found.  When President Bush was in office, they use to camp out in Madame Pelosi’s office but apparently they have been shooed away, for now!  Thank God for BIG miracles!!!   


Thursday the weather was beautiful and this was an extremely eventful day.  We were honored by the presence of two Gold Star Mothers:  Muriel Pederson, who lost her Son in Vietnam , and Debbie Lee, who’s Son was the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq .  The strength and fortitude of these mothers is inspiring and touches the heart of all of us in the troop support movement.  Debbie Lee’s organization,, honors the memory and service of her mighty warrior, Marc Alan Lee.  I quote her mission statement:


To honor, thank, support, and encourage the troops and their families and remember the sacrifice of my "Mighty Warrior" Marc Alan Lee, the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq . To accept the challenge from his last letter home and “pass on the kindness, the love, the precious gift of human life, through random acts of kindness” that will impact and honor our military, the fallen and their families for their selfless service and sacrifice.


Please donate to Debbie’s website and pass her website all over the universe, if you will.


Muriel Pederson lost her son, Marine Sgt Ken Pederson, in Vietnam in 1968.  We all know how poorly our Heroes were treated when they came home from Vietnam and when Muriel heard that there was a Band of Mothers who stand for our troops in DC, she wanted to join us on the corner!  What an honor it was to have this brave and stoic mother join us.  Muriel GETS TO SIT ON THE CORNER, ANYTIME!  When I showed Muriel the signs I brought to be carried, why was I not surprised when she picked the one that said “The new rule should be Kick Their Ass and Get Home!”  Muriel has written a rather spicy account of her observations on the Cannon Bldg Corner and you will find it below.  It is definitely worth the read and it was an honor to have her join us!  Muriel stayed with us all day and we were all honored to have her and amazed at her endurance!  When I watch both of these Gold Star Mothers, the motto of The Band of Mothers comes to mind:  Warriors Come From Warriors!


We were honored by a visit of Soldiers and Navy Seals! (see our pictures)  on Thursday. God Bless And Watch Over Every one of Them!  They were absolutely amazed that a group of Americans would gather in DC for them, to honor them and thank them.  You could see it in their faces how much they appreciate our gratitude.  It will never cease to amaze me, the humbleness of our military.  I cringe every time they thank us, for it is this entire country that should thank them and hug them, every chance they get!


Once again, we took a stand for our troops and we let the legislatures in DC know that they are Heroes who have won a VICTORY IN IRAQ and WE WERE THERE TO ACKNOWLEDGED THAT FACT!


My very special thanks to Cindy, Tom, Beth, Carrie, Lei and Eva for all the Post Cards For Soldiers they collected on the corner these two days.  Thanks to their efforts, these Post Cards will make Volume 16 Post Cards For Soldiers and once I get them all copied for the book, the originals will be on their way to Chad, a brave young Soldier currently serving somewhere in Iraq. 


Chad has always stood on the corner with us but as he is deployed, was unable to join us this time.  We all missed you so much Chad , it just wasn’t the same without.  Just so you know, the Pinkos did not try and start yours truly on fire this time!  Like I said, they were nowhere to be found!  You are in our prayers Chad and the Post Cards and The Post Card For Soldiers Book will be on its way to you soon!  You and all your fellow Soldiers will see how much we love and appreciate your service and sacrifice.  Until we see you again, keep a good eye out and stay safe!


Special thanks to the many Congressmen who stopped by, especially Congressman Steve King, Michelle Bachman and the one Congressman who always thanks us, Joe Wilson!  To all our readers, please rest assured that many of us Patriots went inside Congressman Wilson’s office on Thursday after the “incident” and thanked him.   I was interviewed by a reporter regarding Congressman Wilson’s remark and my comment was “I am not at all surprised that Congressman Wilson has two Sons serving in the military, they must take after their brave father!”


So to Ron Kirby, a steadfast Marine who ALWAYS stands with us, Capt Larry Bailey, Vietnam Veteran George Samek and Jim Diehl, Phil and Kristinn of Free Republic, and all those who stood with us, this 10th stand in support of our Troops, thank you from the bottom of my heart for another successful mission on the Cannon Bldg Corner.  To Chief, who always helps me put together our signs, God Bless You and Thank You For Always showing up!  You are a better Weatherman than any I’ve seen!

George Samek, Debbie Bohannon, and Capt Larry Bailey, in conjunction with Best Buy, organized a Laptop drive and on September 11th, Gold Star Moms Debbie Lee, Muriel Pederson, The Gathering of Eagles, and The Band of Mothers had the honor of presenting 20 laptops to our Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed.  Thanks to George for all his efforts to drive this Laptop Project!  Special thanks to Jim Diehl for donating his beautiful and haunting painting "The Last Eagle", (you should order one at  The Band of Mothers donated a Post Card For Soldiers Book.  These books are filled with Post Cards of love and support for our Soldiers and after this trip, there will be 16 Volumes!  

I think the best time we all had in DC was at Walter Reed, visiting with these very Brave Heroes and having the opportunity to thank them for their sacrifice.  It is a day I will never forget.  A very special lady from the Canadian Free Press, Marinka Peschmann, spent the entire day with us and reported on the presentation of the laptops.  She drove all the way from Canada to report this story and I cannot thank her enough.  God Bless Marinka and Canada Free Press and shame on the American media for missing one of the best stories of 9/11/2009!  I understand, thanks to her wonderful story, donations are starting to pour in!  With a Mother’s Heart, I thank you Marinka!  


The story here:


Click here: Laptops for Wounded Warriors: September 11th at Walter Reed Army Medical Center


Outside Walter Reed on Friday night was phenomenal.  800 Patriots assembled in support of our Wounded Warriors.  I have never seen that many Patriots out in front of Walter Reed!  When we are not there, the wonderful Patriots of Free Republic stand outside Water Reed every Friday night, and have done so for the last 6 years, in support of our Wounded Warriors!  God Bless Them All!  Friday night, I was shocked to be approached by a woman from Elgin Illinois .  She wanted me to know, that because of my “rant” in Elgin , Illinois ,  that Americans need to get out of their living rooms and come to Walter Reed in DC the night of September 11th!!!  She wanted me to know she was there!!!  My special thanks to Joe Miller here in Illinois for “Rant Night!”  This is proof that if you ask them, they will come!


The events of September 12th were absolutely awesome and we all know there were 1.7 million Patriots on the National Mall! I get extreme satisfaction knowing that the liberals and the lame stream media know that number better than we do!  My special thanks to Dianna Reimer, National State Coordinator, Pennsylvania , for her mention of The Band of Mothers on a National Stage and her absolutely rousing speech!  Way To Go Dianna!!!


Lastly, and always, special thanks to Dan and the Capitol Police for their professionalism and courtesy to all of us who stand on the Cannon Bldg Corner.  We thank you and appreciate your service to this nation! 


On a very special note, thank you Eva for all your help and our prayers are with your Son, who will soon be deployed.  He will be in all our hearts and prayers until he returns home to you.


My last note is to Madame Pelosi and Barak Obama.  When George Bush ran Washington , never ever did I see a torn and tattered flag flying anywhere.  However, my heart broke to look up above the Cannon Bldg, where you supposedly work 3 days a week, and see flying a torn and tattered flag of The United States of America .  Shame on you Ms. Pelosi and as the very Proud Mother of a Son who served 4 deployments with the 82nd Airborne, under that beautiful flag, I ask you and Barak Obama to stay off the TV long enough to replace that flag and the one flying over the Longworth Bldg.  Shame on you both!  (Note: click on flag images for larger view)



Congratulations Troops, For Your Victory in Iraq !

God Bless America and

God Bless The United States Military!!!


With A Mother’s Heart,


Beverly Perlson

The Band of Mothers


Gold Star Mom Muriel Pederson:


My joyful experience at the Cannon Office Building In D.C. on September 10th, 2009.

          (Note: Click on images for larger view)

Upon arrival I was greeted by a group of wonderful Band of Mothers. They were already walking up and down the Avenue carrying American Flags and signs expressing their support for our troops. I was offered my choice of signs or flag. I saw a sign that fit this Mother's feelings. It said" Let Them Kick Ass, Win and Bring Them Home"! People honked and waved their approval of the event. I got hugs from the men and women on the street and military members passing by. I also was kind of disturbed by the lack of respect shown by the Members of our government and lobbyists who pulled up in cab after cab with their beautiful secretaries or an aide (?) polluting my air. Couldn't they car pool or ride the half filled bus? They were snobs! I tired easily so spent some time sitting in a chair or on the steps of the building waving my flag. There was a group of Navy Seals who came to see someone or something in the building. I was, I suppose brazen, but I got hugged by nearly every one and got a chance to thank them for their service.


While we were going about our marching we were suddenly interrupted by screaming police cars a limo and a number of motorcycle police wheeling to the capitol entrance. Lo and behold they were there to escort the Vice President. Now he is entitled to secret servicemen. No one would hurt Old Joe. He could certainly be escorted by the secret service alone. No one would harm old Joe. He doesn't know what he's talking about and no one listens to him so he'd be safe without all the taxpayers’ money being spent on the police cars and motorcycles,


We laughed and came close to tears, but it was an experience that I will never forget and a group of Patriots who will forever remain in my heart.  


My Love and Thanks,


Mom Pederson,

Mom of Ken,

KIA Vietnam 03/08/'69

Kirby Report Wed/Thur from cannon Bldg.

Great day Wed/Thur on the Hill.  The 9/12 Tax Party people are pouring into DC. Estimates are now over 200,000 attending.   Hundreds stopped by the Cannn House Bldg. and talked with us where we were thanking our Troops for their service and Victory in Iraq.  I talked with people/many whole families, from TX (3-4), CA, WA, RI, GA,FL, PA,VA,NM, IL, SC, NC,MD,OK.  Met 3 that were from TX (Odessa/Midland)  and 2 from NM that knew Denver City and been there (my home town).  One 92 yr old person, Vernon with a walker from ND told me that he was here to help get this country back on track.  Gave me his e-mail address and told me to keep him up on events. One of the most moving was when about 40 Navy Seals visiting the Cannon stopped.  Debbie Lee whose son Mark ( the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq ) was grateful to meet them.  A lot of hugging was going on.  Many other military uniformed services stopped to thank us as we were thanking them.  Also many Doctors visiting their Congressman about healthcare gave us thumbs up.  Not one of them that we talked with was thrilled about Obamacare.

I talked with Congressman Wolf (VA), Joe Wilson (SC, two sons served in Iraq, one a doctor) Michele Backmann (MN), Steve King (IA), Shadigg (AZ), ( he told us of a very moving personal story of his trip to Iraq at the 1st tent hospital) , and Jeff Flake (Az).  I gave each a copy of the Walter Reed collage of signs thanking them for standing for Victory in Iraq.

 Today we meet at the Malone House at Walter Reed for a cookout for the Troops and at 1 PM we present the first installment ( about 20 ) Laptops and video cameras for the Troops so they can communicate back home as they are recovering from their injuries.  Tonight outside the gates of WR we will again as we have done for 4 1/2 years every Friday eve,  be thanking our Troops for service.  This 9/11 we expect several hundreds. Many of those hospitalized say they will be there too.

Saturday the March on Washington.


Veteran continues mission to help wounded soldiers
Samek to present laptops to military hospitals, seeks additional donations


George Samek of Shallotte has been volunteering full-time to make life better for wounded soldiers and veterans for years.

Now, his work with the “Gathering of Eagles” has produced another brainchild—buying and presenting new laptop computers for soldiers in military hospitals.

The 69-year-old Vietnam veteran and former police officer got the idea for the project three weeks ago, he said recently.

“I started thinking about what they could use, and I came up with the idea for laptop computers” to allow soldiers to keep in touch with their family and friends, he said.

As a member of the North Carolina chapter of the Gathering of Eagles, a veterans and soldiers advocacy group, he was ready to take on the challenge.

“Our mission statement is ‘Troops, troops and nothing but the troops,’” Samek said.

“We accept no pay. We pay for our own gas and lodging [during trips]. All the money goes to the troops.”

Samek sent e-mails to members of groups that support his work, including mothers of soldiers and former soldiers like Band of Mothers, Soldiers Guardian Angels, Blue Star Mothers of America, American Gold Star Mothers and others.

Organizers from those organizations and local businesses and agencies immediately began sending money to the project and contacting supporters to get involved. So far, he has bought 20 computers that he and two Gold Star Mothers will present to officials at Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Sept. 11. The computers will be given to the hospital to sign out to patients while they are staying there.

“It’s going to be a gift that keeps on giving,” Samek said.

In addition, he and his supporters plan to visit with wounded soldiers on the wards.

After the presentation at Walter Reed, Samek plans to also make a contribution to Bethesda Naval Hospital . He is continuing to accept donations through the Gathering of Eagles that will go to other hospitals in the future.

So why does he do it? After his two years in Vietnam , Samek made a conscious decision to do whatever he could to help veterans and wounded soldiers.

He recalled his many trips to military hospitals since the 1970s, when he made the decision to become an advocate for soldiers and veterans.

“I have seen the pains of war,” he said. “I saw the suffering when I came home. I wanted to ease the pain. The biggest reward for me is the smiles on their faces.”

In addition to knowing what it’s like to serve overseas, Samek knows the pain of being wounded. He survived being shot during his law enforcement career, so he can relate to the pain, he said.

Samek enjoys spending time with wounded soldiers and always tells them they are his heroes.

“I sat down with a black soldier who had lost his legs, and I hugged him and told him he was my hero,” Samek said.

Later, a nurse told Samek she was surprised the man had talked to him, since he never talked to anyone.

“I told her, ‘that’s because I sat down and hugged him.’”

He recalled another encounter with a soldier who had lost an arm and asked Samek what he could do to help the cause.

“I told him, ‘Go home and raise 10 more like you.’”

Samek took a picture of the man, in which the soldier lifted his hooked hand in a salute to Samek and his fellow “Eagles..”

He jokes he always gives the people he’s with a “tissue alert” before they start visiting the soldiers.

And Samek has no plans to stop working on behalf of wounded warriors in North Carolina and around the country. In fact, several years ago, he told his wife, Jamie, he wanted to retire from his job at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and volunteer with Gathering of Eagles projects full time.

She supported him completely and even goes with him on many of his trips, holding an American flag during the donation ceremonies.

“Our ladies are the prime movers,” he said of people like Jamie and women in the mothers of soldiers groups.

“They represent their sons and daughters, and we support them in every way possible.”

The following area businesses contributed to Samek’s latest effort: All-Star Sporting Goods and Trophy Center; Clayton Mobile Homes; Hewett’s Tire and Muffler; Jones Ford; Shallotte Hardware; and Upscale Retail.

Donations to the Laptop for Warriors can be sent  to:
George Samek
1105 Copas Road
Shallotte  NC  28470
Attn:  Laptops

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