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Letter To Senator Schumer 10/01/07


Debbie Lee's Archive:
Veterans Day 2007
Are you Sleeping?
 Open Letter To President Obama



Are You Sleeping?

Military helicopters vandalized in Pennsylvania, recruiting offices attacked in over 42 cities, funding denied for our troops, Code Pink sending 600,00.00 to the enemy. How many more treasonous acts need to occur before we stand up and say enough is enough?
Spineless, gutless, Politicians who are using our troops as pawns in their political power struggle playground repulses and disgusts me. They are willing to jeopardize and put our troops in the crosshairs of the terrorists by there lack in funding our troops.
They are more concerned with getting their own way and proving who is in charge of Congress instead of allowing every Senator and Representative to be part of the process on the Hill. They by passed the Appropriations Committee and didn't allow the Republicans to be part of a serious matter like funding our troops. I'm sure you could hear them loudly singing a very prideful rendition of "I did it my way."
I'm sure the troops, including my son who gave up their lives, would love to have done it their way. They knew the attacks on our nation on 9-11  required that the right way was to fight for our freedoms and defend America. In the most unselfish act any American could give they sacrificed their own lives for the freedoms of a nation, for you, for me.
They gave their tomorrows, their futures, so that we could have our today. Everyone of our brave men and women serving know that the same price could be required of them too. What did the leadership on Capitol Hill do with their today? What gratitude did our liberal politicians show them? They yank their funding and play political suicide with the funding bill by attaching the ag amnesty bill to it.
What kind of games are they playing with our the lives of our brave men and women serving? Yet they'll be the first to say they "Support our Troops."
It's time for us to reclaim America and clean house from the self-centered egotistical politicians who have lost there love for America. Our founding Father's would rise up from their graves if they could to smack some sense into these politicians to get them to remember the basic principles this nation was founded on. Certain members of Congress are acting like jealous children fighting to get the most attention.
I have had it with the traitors in America who continue to do acts that are Anti-American and are destroying our Nation. It's time we hold them accountable and prosecute them for their treasonous acts. We have become a nation that is so tolerant of everything, that we stand for nothing. We have become a spineless nation with no moral compass to direct us to make wise and selfless decisions. We are so myopic and "me" focused that we can't see we are handing this nation to our enemies on a platter.
It is time for us as Americans to flood the switchboards of Capitol Hill with our demands to fund our troops. The must prepare a clean bill with the involvement of both parties and through the proper channels.
We also need to demand that strong measures be taken to arrest and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those who are committing acts of treason during a time of war by inciting lawless actions.
Your today has been paid for by those who gave up their tomorrows. What will you do with your today to honor those who gave it all?
Debbie Lee
Remembering His Sacrifice
Marc Alan Lee
First Navy SEAL killed in Iraq 8-2-06


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