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After Action Report

February 28th, 2008
"Stand Up For Our Soldiers Against The Iraq Veterans Against The War,  Joliet, IL

On Thursday night, February 28th, in a library in Joliet, Illinois, the Iraq Veterans Against the War were shut down and shut-up by a glorious group of American patriots who are fed up with the lies and traitorous behavior of the cowardly IVAW!  I am very proud to say the IVAW goofballs were outnumbered 5 to 1!  I am so happy to report that these misguided miscreants now know how that lone Soldier felt in that recruiting station in DC on February 15th when he was overwhelmed by 50 militants!  I am happy to report that the IVAW cowards know how our Berkeley Marines feel because I, this mother, told them to GET OUT!  Get out of our State and get out of Country because we don't want them here!  I suggested they go join their terrorists friends in Iraq and Iran and expect to be headless or ravaged and hung from a bridge somewhere! 

This little gathering consisted of three members of  IVAW (one is John M. Wallace, the Secretary of the Illinois Chapter of the IVAW and who also is running for Congress, my opinion is - God help us).  Wallace is a Kuwaiti Veteran (real serious combat service here).  The female IVAW, who ended up crying hysterically by night's end, is mad at the Army because she has knee problems and isn't happy with her benefits; the other confused individual is an official of the library whose father served in WWII.  He has never served his country.  

 Their agenda began and ended abruptly.  Wallace was going to show the 1971 film Winter Soldier but yours truly was not having it.  Thanks to one of my personal Heroes, Scot Swett, I had with me the discredited and totally refuted ARMY CID Investigations of VVAW War Crimes Allegations.  This mother, whose Son has bravely served 4 deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, went in this gathering determined that these brave and noble Veterans who stood by my side WERE NOT GOING TO BE SUBJECTED TO THESE LIES, NOT ON THIS NIGHT AND NOT ON MY WATCH!  I also informed Wallace and his bunch of traitors they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for the murders and rapes they claim they committed, and this time around, their road will lead to prison, an appropriate place for traitors to their country!  The library official informed me that they will not be prosecuted, their "Superiors" will.  Little man of the library was told that excuse didn't fly in Nuremburg and it won't fly this time either!   

 And so, the movie was panned for the lies that it tells and the 7 people who attended this IVAW gathering spent the next two hours listening to the truth!  Our Veterans, our Heroes had the floor and for two hours they talked of their love for their Brothers and their love for their country and their disdain and disgust for the IVAW and the lies they tell!  My heart rejoiced for their chance to be heard and their story to be told because they are TRUTH, GOODNESS, NOBILITY AND EVERYTHING THAT MAKES THIS THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!!!

 I want to thank all the wonderful Americans who came out of their living rooms Thursday night and who stood with me to honor and defend our Noble Warriors and to face and dispute the lies told by the IVAW.  One member of Eagles Up drove all the way from Missouri, 41/2 hours, to let these traitors know that no distance is too great, no hurdle too big, to expose the lies of a traitor to his country.  Also in attendance was the Gathering of Eagles, Commander of the American Legion from Tinley Park, Patriot Guard Riders, Soldiers Guardian Angels and others.  Please forgive me if I have not listed all in attendance and if you will email me your groups, I would be honored to add all of you to this post.  I love and am grateful to each and everyone of you for taking the time to come out.

 My special thanks to Teresa Belmonte, Campaign Manger for Steve Sauerberg, Candidate for US Senate ILLINOIS, who attended and stood with us in support of our beloved Soldiers and Veterans.  Steve is running against Senator Dick Durbin, the liberal loser who referred to our Noble Heroes as "NAZIS" on the floor of our US Senate.  Please folks, do all you can to help Steve Sauerberg get elected: A VOTE FOR STEVE SAUERBERG IS A VOTE FOR OUR SOLDIERS!

 With all my heart, thank you to the Veterans and Soldiers who once again stood up to the plate to serve their country in defense of  truth, liberty and freedom.  I swear, I love each and everyone of you and I make you this pledge:  I will Step Up Stand Up and Stick Up For our Soldiers and I will never stop fighting these IVAW traitors until we send every last one of them back into the hole they crawl out of! 

God Bless American and God Bless The Band of Brothers!

Very Proud Mother of Sgt. John P. White
82nd Airborne, 4th deployment
Bronze Star Recipient

Beverly Perlson
Founder, The Band of Mothers

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