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After Action Report


After Action Report
4 September 2010
Rally for The Leavenworth 10
Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas

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On a glorious day in Kansas, American Patriots gathered from all across this country to participate in the Freedom Ride and Rally for The Leavenworth 10!  Ten Brave American Warriors stepped up to the plate to defend the country they love and now find themselves in prison at Ft.  Leavenworth, Kansas, charged with war crimes and murder.  Their sentences range from 40 years to ten years. 

On September 4th, hundreds of grateful Americans from as far as California, Illinois and  Florida turned out in outrage and support for our precious  American Sons.  The rally began with a freedom ride stretching several miles and what a beautiful and long procession it was!  Bikes were blazing and flags were flying as we made our way from Lansing High School to our rally destination neart Ft.  Leavenworth. Along the way we passed Ft. Leavenworth Prison and as we did, the horns were honking wildly to let our Brave Warriors know we were here!  I  couldn't help thinking as I drove by there that our American  Sons sit in there deprived of so many things yet the terrorists at Gitmo enjoy computers, wifi’s and  food prepared at just the precise temperatures!  As Lt  Col Allen West said in his speech, things in this country  are truly upside down!

The rally was hosted by radio personality Joyce Kauffman and she was great!  The Guest speaker at the rally was Lt Col Allen West and he hit it out of the park with a speech filled with frankness and truth regarding the deplorable way our Brave Warriors of this war are being treated. Col West is running for  Congress in Florida and his win there will mean a BIG WIN  for this country.  He is dedicated to our troops and he understands this enemy we are fighting. My hope is that he runs for President in 2012 because I firmly believe he is the BEST HOPE this country has to get back on the right track while ensuring our safety first and foremost! Most of all, this is a leader who understands what the Great General George Washington forewarned us about at the birth of this nation:

“The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.”

John Horn, one of the speakers, was a Staff Sgt in Iraq until one fateful day he came across an Iraqi whose intestines were blown out of his body and John did what any compassionate person would do, he ended his suffering.  John received 3 years in prison and a felony for that act of human compassion.  His treatment in prison by our own military was inhumane and deplorable.  John’s is a story every American should hear.   He lives in Topeka, Kansas and he sure could use a good job. If I could I would hire him in a minute!  Watch his speech on the video above.   He’s a good man and I have no doubt was a Great Warrior.  I have his contact info.

Betty Kilbride, Author of the great book "Soul of American Warriors” gave a stirring speech and she asked those in attendance to go home and demand that their representatives instigate a congressional inquiry into the cases of The Leavenworth 10.  She carried a message of support from the Navy Seals.

What was most heartbreaking was listening to the families of these Warriors as they spoke from their  hearts about the anguish and sorrow they and their Soldiers  have suffered.  They all spoke how proud their Sons and husbands and brothers were to enlist and serve this country they love, and now they find themselves imprisoned and abandoned by their beloved country, for following orders they were given!   It was heartbreaking to hear and see the devastation to these families and to know that when this rally ended, they would return home without their loved one.  This injustice to these brave American Sons must end!

As I stated in my speech, if the military courts will not allow our Warriors to sign the same Pledge and go home that they are affording to the terrorists taken off the battlefield, then I have a proposal for them.  Take me and allow me to replace one of these Warriors, and I will finish his sentence and I'm sure there are 9 more mothers who will do the same! Further, if this government continues  to mistreat our Brave Sons who we raise up to be your Warriors,  then I propose one day very soon you will run out of  Warriors to fight your wars!   


I want to thank all who came from so far away to support these families and especially our Illinois Patriots and Sons of Liberty Riders:  Big Joe,  Coastie, Jim, Steve, and Illinois Tea Patriots Tim, Ralph, Julie, Chris, and our next generation: Tim, Ray and Iraq War Veteran of 2 deployments, Dan Evoy!  

SPECIAL THANKS TO AN ABSOLUTELY AWESOME BAND "Chad Evan Todd & The Barbed Wire Band."  I can't say enough good things about these Good Ole Boys from Oklahoma who love their country and her Soldiers.  They can really play music and please, if you are having event, invite them to play, you will not regret it!  They are one of the BEST bands I've heard in a long time and they are dedicated to talking about The Leavenworth 10 wherever they play.

Lastly, to Vicki and Scott Behenna, Shannon and Your Dad, and the entire Behenna family, God Bless You for all you are doing to not only help your Son and Warrior, lLT Michael  Behenna, but all the Warriors of The Leavenworth 10.  A finer family I have never known and as I have said before, Vicki Behenna exemplifies the motto of The Band of Mothers:  Warriors Come From Warriors! God Bless You All and May God Return Your Warrior and All The Leavenworth Warriors Home To Their Loves Ones TOMORROW!

Please contact Senator John McCain's office (202-224-2235) and your Congressman.  Senator McCain sits on The Armed Svs Committee and he hasn't done a thing to help these Soldiers.  Demand that our Warriors be given the same courtesy they are allowing the terrorists, let them sign the same Pledge the terrorists are signing and let The Leavenworth 10 go home!

God Bless The Band of Brothers For Coming Out In Support of Their Brothers and Their Beloved Families!  May God Watch Over These Families Until Their Heroes All Come Home!

Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers

PS:  Please support Col Allen West for Congress.   Col West is a Leader who  stands by our Troops and I believe he is our best hope in helping The Leavenworth 10 and he is our best hope for a strong America!

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