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On Thursday, June 26, 2008, Melanie Morgan, Michelle Malkin and Move America Forward ( held an Internet telethon and with the help and participation of Americans all over this great country, raised over One Million Dollars for care packages for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The Band of Mothers thanks all the wonderful Americans who purchased care packages.  Melanie and Michelle proved that as our Soldiers Stand For Us, We Stand Behind Them!  I know this show of support means the world to our Brave Warriors and it's about time they get the respect and show of support for all they do to keep us safe!   

There's a message here for our "Elitist" Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her gang of misfits Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and John Murtha:  Americans Love and Support Our Soldiers!   It is time these reckless politicians get in step with the rest of America and  give these Soldiers the credit they are due for the outstanding job they have done in fighting Al Qaeda, a bunch of brutal thugs who have terrorized the world.  When Madame Pelosi gives credit to Iran for the success of the surge, it is an insult to our Soldiers and an insult to the intelligence of the American people!   Madame Pelosi continues to betray our country and our Soldiers and she continues to undermine the great success our Soldiers have achieved.  Nancy and her gang of misfits need to remember they work for us and this Great and Successful telethon sends a clear message to them:  Your Employer, The American People, have spoken:  Get Behind The Troops and Thank Them For All They have Done!

Again, a very big Thank You to Melanie Morgan, Michelle Malkin, Gold Star Mother Debbie Lee, Cat Moy, and all the folks with Move America Forward!!  God Bless Everyone of You!!!

You have proven what we all know, America will never desert her Soldiers!  We hope Melanie, Michelle and Move America Forward will join us in our stand for our Soldiers on the Cannon Bldg Corner July 8th, 9th and 10th. You ladies mentioned on the telethon about the next project, let this be your next project!  It would be awesome to have you out there with us!

A Reminder To All:  The Gathering of Eagles, The Band of Mothers, Free Republic and Americans from all across the country will gather outside Nancy Pelosi's office, The Cannon Bldg in DC, corner of New Jersey and Independence Avenue,  on July 8th, 9th and 10th, in Support of our Soldiers.  Our Brave Men and Women of the United States Military Deserve Respect and Recognition For All They Have Done and Nancy and her gang of misfits need to hear our message loud and clear!!!   Our Soldiers get more done working out of their tents than these misfits working out of 4 offices?!!!   

Joining us on the corner, we are very proud to announce, is Britt Small,, Singer and Patriot.  Britt served with the 173rd Airborne in Vietnam and his Son currently serves with Airborne Special Forces in Iraq. Britt has offered to sing along to our patriotic music as we make our Stand.  Please come to the corner and join us!  Stand for our Soldiers as they have stood for us!

 Very Proud Mother of Sgt. John P. White,
 4th Deployment, 82nd Airborne
 Bronze Star Recipient,

Beverly Perlson
Founder, The Band of Mothers


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