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Support Your Local Recruiters

I urge all Americans to visit a recruiting station today and thank these Fine Noble and Brave Soldiers for their service and let them know "we've got their backs!" 

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Chicago Commemorates Veterans Day with a Public Ceremony at Soldier Field. 

Daley with Patriot Guard
& Leathernecks
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After Action Report

2008 Operation Recruiter Appreciation Day


Date:  17 May 2008

On Saturday morning, my husband and I were very happy and excited for this moment in our busy week to finally arrive.  Today was the day we set aside our time to honor and show our appreciation to our local Military Recruiters here in Oak Lawn, Illinois.  

As of late, our military recruiters have been under attack.  From “Bezerkeley” California, to the SDS trashing and trampling of the Recruiting Station in Washington, DC, to the bombing of our Recruiting Station in Times Square in New York, it is necessary and paramount that responsible citizens all across America let our Recruiters know they are loved and revered.  These brave men and women of our military are our First Line of Defense against any calamity that threatens our safety and they should be treated with nothing but respect and appreciation.  These brave men and women step up to the plate every single day for all of us.  This is gutsy and pure.  Once they sign on that dotted line, they no longer sleep in late or watch TV all night in their living rooms with their families.  They say good-bye to their loved ones and they go where they are needed because they believe that there is a cause greater than themselves.  They believe in the goodness of their country and they choose to preserve and safeguard this precious way of life that we all take for granted.  These brave men and women are Heroes, ladies and gentleman, and the uniform they wear represents the greatest country on the face of this earth.  My family is grateful for their sacrifice and wherever we are, if we see these brave Warriors, we stop and shake their hand and thank them for they deserve, as the beautiful song by Terry Kelly reminds us, “a Pittance of Time!”           

Our visit with our local Recruiters was an absolute honor.  We delivered the BEST beef sandwiches in Chicago!  Our loved and revered Recruiters should always get the BEST because they are the BEST!!!  Al’s Beef on the Southside of Chicago is lucky to have “Tito” working for them.  Even though they do not open until 11am, Tito was there at 9:30 to take our order of 20 Italian Beef Sandwiches, Peppers too!  Tito did a great job and we were on our way to see our Heroes, with these hot juicy sandwiches.  We stopped first at the Army Recruiting Station where we dropped off our treats to Sgt First Class Paul Hathaway.  He was so very appreciative and all were delighted to see us.  I will never understand how a school would not want these fine Americans among their students.  These fine men and women are well-mannered and so polite.  

Our next stop was the Navy Recruiting Office in Oak Lawn.  I was greeted by STG Daniel O’Rourke and MM1(SW) William Limestall.  They too were so appreciative that we would bring them lunch!  Many of their folks were out so we left them with quite a few sandwiches.  I will be forever amazed when a member of our fine military thanks me!  I am in awe of the humbleness of these courageous and selfless Americans who serve us so honorably everyday. 

It is my hope that more and more Americans will begin to wake up and realize that we have been safe and sound in this country since 9/11, and that is not a coincidence.  It is due to the brave and selfless Soldiers of the United States Military who love their country and who are willing to lay down their life for this great country and their fellow Americans.  Our Recruiters are our First Line of this Defense and everyone in this great country should stop and thank them for their service, wherever we see them.  Don’t ever be ashamed to show your patriotism and if ever there was a time to do that, it is now.  Show your local Recruiters all the respect they certainly deserve and do it every chance you get!

George Washington, along with his brave Soldiers, nearly starved and froze to death on the banks of the Delaware River, waiting for the politicians in Washington to send food and blankets.  In spite of those reckless politicians, Washington and his Band of Brothers forged on and from the banks of that river, they kicked the British back to where they came from and our freedom was won!

General George Washington left us with this warning and Americans should take heed:

“The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.”

Thank you First Sgt Paul Hathaway, STG Daniel O’Rourke, MM1(SW) William Limestall, and all the Hardworking Recruiters all over the United States of America! 

May God Keep you Safe and Always Know There Are So Many Americans Who Love And Appreciate All You Do For Us!

Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers  

Unfortunately, our pictures from this great day did not come out.  I am so sorry and very frustrated!  

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