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Letter To Senator Schumer 10/01/07

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Chicago Commemorates Veterans Day with a Public Ceremony at Soldier Field. 

Daley with Patriot Guard
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After Action Report

Boycott Redacted Rally!

United Center, Chicago, Illinois
Bulls vs. Mavericks
"Mark Cuban's Mavericks"

I would regard this Boycott of the Mavericks as a  success!  There were 5 of us who gathered and we were 5 Proud Americans letting folks know that we won't stand for a billionaire or anyone, to make movies that trash our troops.  Our Soldiers are HEROES doing heroic deeds everyday.  We braved the 25 degree "frigid" weather and as we did, we reminded ourselves that our troops brave horrible temperatures year round!

 We received much encouragement and a lot of thumbs up!  Some of the folks going into the game flashed us signs they were taking in with them and let's just say they had nothing to do with basketball and everything to do with Mark Cuban!  Two supporters came over and shook our hands and thanked us for coming out.  They told us that they had  25 guys that were going to come out but when Redacted bombed so badly, they changed their mind.  They  took one of our signs in the game with them that read:  "Mark Cuban, Fund a movie about our Soldiers, Our Heroes!"   

 We also picked up a new supporter who assured us he has the ability to mobilize a large crowd with a couple of phone calls!   Offered his help for future activities!  We will call on his support in the future, no doubt!

 Thank you so very much to those who came out.  We all agreed it sure feels better to brave the cold and support our troops rather than sit in our living rooms and do nothing.  With every gathering, this movement to support our troops is growing and from this mother of a Soldier, it warms my heart. 

Thank you again for taking a stand in support of our Soldiers.  They deserve our support and our respect and we need to stand up for them as they stand up for all of us! I am the very PROUD mother of a Soldier and a Hero and I suggest to Mark Cuban he change his frame of reference the next time he funds a movie about our Soldiers.  They are Heroes Mr. Cuban and I hope you learned your lesson.  The best lessons learned are usually the ones that really hit you HARD in the pocketbook and this one sure hit you HARD! 

The Very Proud Mother of A Hero in Afghanistan! 
Beverly Perlson
Founder, The Band of Mothers

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