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Thanks to Mike of Eagles Up!

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Thanks to Mike of Eagles Up!

»History of Post Cards for Soldiers



Update:  On 10/27/07, I received the Certified Mail green card back from Schumer's Office, documenting this letter was received by "John" in Senator Schumer's office on 10/14/07.  Awaiting his reply.  Stay tuned!

Update:  On 10/09/07, this letter sent to the Senator’s DC Office Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested.

The following letter was sent to Senator Schumer via email on 10/01/07.  No response as of 10/08/07. 

1 October 2007


Dear Senator Schumer:


I am the mother of a Soldier currently serving his 4th deployment in Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne.  He is 24 years old and very brave.  He is the recipient of the Bronze Star and many other medals.


On September 18th, I was in Washington, DC to support my Son and the recommendations made by General Petraeus.  I was present for a meeting with your “agriculture representative” and 9 representatives from Vets For Freedom.  The Vets For Freedom are Veterans and active duty Soldiers, and I thought you were very lucky to have these “Soldiers” visit you and take the time to share their “boots on the ground, first hand” information with you.  Frankly, I am confused and very disappointed that you did not participate in this meeting yourself.  As you espouse to “support our troops”, I am very confused by this slight on your part toward these deeply dedicated Soldiers with vital information directly from the battlefield?!


Your “agricultural representative” took these fine Soldiers out in the hallway to have this little get-together.  Toward the end of the meeting someone came up and handed her an onion and that is when she informed us that her area of expertise is really “agriculture.” She was concerned that we knew it was okay for her to accept the onion as it was grown in the district!  She ended the meeting by telling us she would let you know their concerns.


This is how you collect pertinent information regarding decisions affecting my Son and all our Soldiers?    Senator, this is downright reckless.  It is one thing to say you “support our troops” but your actions do not show support at all.  Frankly, as the mother of a Soldier, I am horrified that you did not make arrangements to hear what these Soldiers had to say.  Surely, they are the ones you legislators should be listening to as they are the ones fighting on the ground???? 


I ask that you consider giving the Vets For Freedom another appointment and listen to what they have to say.  You owe that to my Son and all the fine Soldiers serving.  If you “support the troops” you yourself should be LISTENING to them! 


The Very Proud Mother of a Soldier serving in Afghanistan, 4th deployment.


Beverly Perlson


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