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I just came home from the local recruiting station where my Son joined the Army and gave them a Volume 14 Post Cards For Soldiers Book.  It is now a Navy Recruiting Station! I thanked the Sailors inside and made sure they are aware of the huge troop support network out here supporting them.  They were so appreciative and so glad to hear about all the organizations out there for them!  I leave you with my post to the NY Gathering of Eagles website and encourage everyone to visit your local recruiting station and check on these Warriors and let them know "We've Got Your backs!"

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  The incident this morning at the Recruiting Station in Times Square in NY is despicable and every American should speak out against this behavior.  Put pressure on your Congressman to speak out against these dangerous acts.  As I  shared with the DC Police after the SDS "trashed" the recruiting office there on Feb 15th, the SDS in the 60's bombed and killed people!!  These people are dangerous and someone is going to get hurt!  Whoever did this should be made an example of!  One of these Soldiers is going to get hurt!!  As the Founder of The Band of Mothers, whose Son is on his 4th deployment, I urge all Americans to visit a recruiting station today and thank these Fine Noble and Brave Soldiers for their service and let them know "we've got their backs!"  Get out of your living rooms and speak out in outrage over this.  Thank You and Thank You to Mayor Bloomberg for letting the world know that NY stands by it's Soldiers and are grateful for their service!

 Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers 


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